Intelligent Media Design

Are you concerned about growing or maintaining your business?

How can you get the word out about business products and services, events and promotions?

Are you overwhelmed by all of the different media online? How can you make sense out of all of those moving parts?  And where do you find the time to do it all the right way?

Can you use some help sorting all of this out to help your business’s bottom line?

Grow Your Business Easier and Spend Less

Than You Ever Thought Possible…

Integrated Online Marketing That Uses The Full, Awesome POWER of the Internet.

Make More Sales with

Smart Marketing Every Day!

Build Your Brand and Increase Your Business Trust and Authority.

Get More New Customers, Happy Customers and Repeat Business!

Intelligent Media Design

Intelligent Media Design Uses

Four Pillars of Internet Success

for Your Business’s  Integrated Online Marketing 

video marketing

video marketing

search engine optimization

Intelligent Media Design is Integrated Online Marketing

Integrated online marketing means that all of the parts of Intelligent Media Design work together toward one goal.  And that’s growing your business.  Video marketing, online classifieds, social media and search results all enhance and support each other in this puzzle.  Rather than just creating a web presence, your business will a be a presence online.  It will be displayed in a way that keeps it top-of-mind in peoples’ minds.  The best way to do this is by using permissive marketing instead of trying to interrupt a prospect’s attention.  So the four pillars of Intelligent Media Design are directed at people that are already looking for a  business like yours online. Your business will be recognized, trusted and attractive.

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Benefits Of Intelligent Media Design

Establish your internet presence with an attractive web site.

Here is where we establish your personal brand, promote your goods and services, and make contacting you urgent and easy.

Engage and Grow Your Audience with Social Media.

Your audience becomes more relevant as you share blog posts and videos on social media.  The posts are chosen for you and posted to a network of social media sites.  As your followers share, your reach increases.

Gain Trust, Recognition and Attention With Video Marketing.

Video is exploding on the scene because it is the preferred media.  People get to know you, your brand, and your products and services easily with videos.

SEO Makes Your Videos And Web Site Easy To Find In Search Results.

Your prospects will find you and your videos in their search results when they are actively looking for products and services.  Increase your reach to new prospects and get repeat business from existing customers.

Effective Advertising Will Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site.

Highlight products, services, events and people. Gain brand recognition. Get those hungry buyers to come to you instead of your competition.

Never Miss A Lead Or A Follow Up With Call Tracking.

Your website, ads, videos and social media have a call tracking number.  With call tracking, every call is recorded and your missed calls are reported immediately by email and text message.

Just look at this inventory!  

Intelligent Media Design includes all of this:

Professional Setup: We will call and discuss your preferences and immediate needs in the areas of advertising, videos, blogging and social media.  Then our pros get to work on design and setup of 16 social media accounts, call tracking and three advertising accounts.  Your first period is 6 weeks instead of one month to allow us time to get it right.

Videos: A new business video every month.  There are several styles to choose from – kinetic words, animation, whiteboard and burns effects.  There are also several kinds of videos – promotional, products and services.

Online Classifieds: Your ads use pictures that you provide along with stock images, your logo, contact information, a call tracking number, and references to videos and your web site.  We can even use a landing page that gathers your prospects’ names and email addresses.

Social Media: We set up a blog for you and start posting authority site articles according to your preferences.  Then we post once or twice daily (your choice) to all of your social media accounts.  All of your videos are also posted on these sites.  This leaves you time for social interaction, announcements and viral content across as few or as many of your social pages as you like.

Search Engine Optimization: Smart SEO ensures that you rank higher in local internet searches and in Youtube searches.  We set up keywords, write your copy, compose descriptions, and tag everything to enhance your search ranking.

Analytics: Keep informed on what’s happening on all of your media.  You have real time call and lead reporting, and monthly progress reports on ranking, social media progress and call reports.  

Intelligent Media Design – 

All of This for One Low Monthly Subscription!!

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For Taking Quick Action, You Will Also Receive These Bonuses:


Bonus 1


Build Your Online Presence
  • Home Page – A gallery page for all of your animated, promotional, live and feature videos. Squeeze form for capturing visitor names and emails. Announcement for sales and special events.

  • Products and Services – Showcase for product and services videos videos, along with descriptions. Create needs and wants for your business’ offerings. Create easy navigation conversion funnels.

  • Blog Page – Review drafts provided by Intelligent Media Design. Post those that best fit you and your business. Viral and industry-specific content available. Launch pad for social site posting and backlinking.

  • About Us or Contact Us – Top is your appeal: a description of your business, how you can help your customers, why choose you. Followed by a contact form and a call to action.

Value $999

Bonus 2


We rehearse with you, and have a conversation about you, your business, and your products or services on a Google On Air Hangout.  What makes you an authority in your field?  Why should customers choose you?  This is your unique value proposition, an essential element of your marketing plan.   Hangouts go right to your free web site’s Home Page and is syndicated to your video posting sites.  And Google loves to rank their own Hangouts!

Value $499

Total Bonus Value $1,498

Who’s The Expert?

Your competition may already be using videos, online advertising, social media or search ranking to become the known expert in your field.  Wouldn’t YOU rather be the first person that people think of when they’re searching for products and services like yours?  Beat your competition and become the known expert in your line of business with Intelligent Media Design today!

gain traffic

Contact Techelp to find out about the current version of Intelligent Media Design.

Constant Improvement Means Better Service.

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Here’s Everything You Get

  • a 4 page website with galleries and a blog

  • A hangout video

  • Social Media and Ad Accounts Setup

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Video Preferences

  • Every month:

  • A new video every month

  • Distribute your new videos to 4 video sites

  • 4 ads for your company, products and services, sales or coupons

  • Video and web site optimization

  • Every Day:

  • Ads posted three times every day

  • Call tracking reporting, recording and notification

  • Blog post drafts provided daily

  • Blog posting to 16 social media sites

  • Blog post optimization

  • Syndication and backlinking

All of This For One Low Monthly Subscription!!

Contact Techelp to find out about the current version of Intelligent Media Design.

Constant Improvement Means Better Service.

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